VR is the future of education.
With WiXar you will design and manage truly effective immersive training in minutes.

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"Learning by doing" in VR

Confucius used to say: "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand". By seeing and doing, immersive learning is a real new learning modality. With WiXar, everyone has easy access to it, from the trainer to the communicator.

WiXar: the most collaborative solution available

Our SaaS #NoCode #DeepTech solution is dedicated to the creation of serious games and immersive training. WiXar helps you to gamify your content in 360°. Its scripting engine makes designing easy, in just a few minutes. Get into creation mode!

Unique features

Using a panoramic creation studio (spatial computing) accessible on virtual reality headsets, PC, and Mobile: our collaborative solution offers more than 40 game and scenario features, advanced analytics, and uses artificial intelligence to facilitate the experience.


WiXar is for anyone looking for impactful educational solutions. Creating recruitment tests, facilitating the onboarding of new employees, deploying hard skills or soft skills training, which works for everyone and promotes

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