Use Cases

 Focus on human capital! Virtual reality allows companies to increase employee productivity. 

Orientation Employability Onboarding


  • Live my life” job discovery
  • Employer branding Attractiveness
  • Test / Assesment



  • Discovery of places
  • Discovery of technical gestures
  • Discovery of values

Technical training (hardskills)

employees and temporary workers

  • Risk prevention and safety 
  • Process monitoring 
  • Product knowledge
  • Know-how

Behavioural training


  • Management, QWL
  • Soft skills: self-confidence, Communication, Cooperation
  • Operational excellence and continuous improvement 

The most suitable uses

In what situation(s) is Immersive Learning Collaborative useful?


👉 When the training location is complex / remote / dangerous 

👉 When the parameters to be taken into account are multiple and complex (moving shapes, changing noises, multiple social interactions, complex machines, etc).


Here are some video examples:

Guidance & Employability

Discover the specificities of a job through the eyes of an employee, as if you were there... Immerse yourself virtually in the daily reality of any job by discovering the work environment, the team, the different tasks to be performed... And also the life that goes with it!


Problems integrating your new recruits or finding their way around your premises? With Wixar, each new employee can visit the premises virtually and meet their future colleagues. This way, they can better understand their position on their first day of work... And be operational more quickly.

Technical training

3 out of 4 companies that use VR record operational benefits of over 10% by saving time on production processes (Capgemini). Reduce risks and accidents at work, teach key actions, identify, assimilate and reproduce protocols without risk.

Behavioural training

It's not only Thomas Pesquet who trains in virtual reality... Improve the productivity of your employees by training them easily and quickly in soft skills. Conflict resolution, verbal and non-verbal language, leadership, empathy... Confronted with everyday situations, they will quickly gain skills.

Marketing & Communication

Wixar is participating in the promotion of heritage in the framework of a European project in partnership with the CCI Nice Côte d'Azur. To promote the port's heritage, fun games have been added to a tourist discovery trail in 3 languages in order to convey key messages to the target audience.