1st collaborative platform for Immersive Learning



WiXar is the SaaS, No Code authoring software for B2B: WiXar makes interactive – in a few clicks, without coding – a 360° VR video

It is the fastest tool for creating immersive 360° interactive collaborative video games “where you are the hero”.



The "Secret Sauce" that makes the difference

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The easiest tool to create interactive immersive experiences

This is one of the cornerstones of WiXar: its ease of use. To make it easier for the experience creator, the tool offers several templates ready to be customised. You can use your own content… or that of our VR library (with over 50 360° videos). These templates can be modified, by removing or adding interactions: photo taking, moving hotspot, text or photo quiz… The tool offers more than 30 different interactions, all on the shelf. All of this is packaged in an interface with a UX/UI that has been worked on to offer absolute working comfort and above all in no-code mode!

The 1st collaborative platform for immersive experience learning

The collaborative mode is a first in VR, and it is signed WiXar. It allows you to work on a project with several people, simultaneously and anywhere in the world! Whether it’s in experience creation, to work together on its construction… Or in learner/user mode to share the experience.
For training, this is ideal: to create the best learning experience with several brains… And to allow each learner to be accompanied by a coach during their immersive training.

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New features for learners and the experience creator

WiXar interactions are the result of 2 years of R&D. They have been designed to be intuitive and quick to learn. This way, your end-users will be able to take full advantage of the knowledge you provide them.
The platform also has an Analytics part, which makes it the most advanced tool on the market. It allows real-time collection of user/learner results and offers monitoring throughout the experience, followed by an assessment at the end.

An experience created and put online in minutes!

Ready-to-customise templates, an elaborate UX/UI, 30 on-shelf interactions, a collaborative tool, no-code experience creation directly in VR… All these features have one purpose: to allow you to create as many interactive immersive experiences as you want very quickly.
With a promise: you can publish it in just a few minutes! And if you’re wondering about the price, we wanted WiXar to be affordable so that you can create a lot of Learning experiences. The subscription starts at 29 Euros per month all inclusive. To learn more, request your private demo!

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WiXar: the collaborative tool in E.A.S.Y. mode

Thanks to WiXar, immersive collaborative intelligence allows you to save time by working directly in VR to design and follow your training courses, alone or with your colleagues. The software has been designed around 4 pillars: Efficiency, Autonomy, Simplicity and Yeah: E.A.S.Y.


The Analytics part of the platform, which makes it the most advanced tool on the market, with real-time collection of the learner’s results, enabling monitoring throughout the experience and an assessment at the end


Our secret: we have automated the scenarios and gamification. This unique feature allows you to create your own training courses and games in a few minutes and in complete autonomy!


The tool is in no-code mode. There is no complex installation to do. So no technical knowledge is required to create your VR experiences.

Yeah 🤘

Here is finally a Virtual Reality experience creation tool that brings coolness back to your daily work life. Because (re)finding a fun side to work feels good!

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